Aaron & Jack & Jerking Off Nude

Aaron & Jack & Jerking Off Nude
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Big Dick Men

Some more big dick classics. These are from Uknakedmen who is a site from the UK.

Aaron Big Dick Man

When Aaron came to the studio, the council were digging up the road outside. It was his suggestion to ‘borrow’ a few cones and barriers, (we put them back). As we waited for the labourers to wander, away so we could grab the stuff, I could see Aaron watching them. Even in February, they were bare chested under the dayglo jackets, jeans dragged down by tool belts, to show the tops of their arses almost, almost, just an inch more a glimpse of cock.

They’d been sweating all day in those underpants. One of the younger guys knew were sitting on the step watching and it may just be my pervy mind but I’m sure he was doing a little show for us, bending over so the seem of his jeans was damp against his sweaty hole. I could tell Aaron was having the same fantasies.. by the time we started the shoot he was hard as a rock.


Jack Big Dick Man

Jack Jefferson Xerox that man. We try to stick by the ‘men’ of our title, so a young 20’s lad has to be exceptional. When we saw Jack we had to bend the rules. The stunningly chiselled young lad was shy until he started peeling off his clothes. Sitting flat down on that photocopier, his sweet little hole puckered and kissed the glass. A great toned chest and smooth buns just waiting to be buttered, this lovely bit of stuff is lickable all over. Hung and cum filled, you just know his arse is gonna be glove tight around your cock. And that angelic face? Its almost a pity to sit on it..


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