Abrahao & Ashton & Mark Jerking Off Nude

Abrahao & Ashton & Mark Jerking Off Nude
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Abrahao Big Dick Man

We recently go a call from Abrahao looking to make a bit of extra money. You might remember that we shot him few years back. He was 18 years old then. He’s now 21 and better than ever. This tall (6′-3″) lean stud was a real turn on. Especially his delicious cock!


Ashton Big Dick Man

Ashton is a rather adorable guy who kinda reminds me of Elijah Wood.


Mark Big Dick Man

Mark (20) is the naughty party legend who’s going to be a HEAP of trouble if we ever bring him to the pad.


Waterbucks Big Dick Men

Waterbuck 2 takes its place alongside the COLT Studio’s renowned classic erotic features. Multi-award winning director John Rutherford continues to provide a unique and sensual collection of exceptionally muscular men, who know how to use their bodies as well as how to please their partners. He gathered together a group of superstars, including COLT Men Carlo Masi, Luke Garrett, Gage Weston and Skye Woods to introduce the latest member of the COLT stable on men, all-new COLT Man Adam Champ. He also presents the eagerly awaited return of legendary COLT Man Tom Chase. Additionally, Josh Weston shows why he has such a large and avid fan base. The up and coming star, Jason Kingsley continues to create a name for him self in all-male erotica.  Waterbucks 2 is a classic COLT Studio.


Bradley Big Dick Man

Bradley made our fucking day. He answered an ad online to do a porn audition…and he was WAY hotter in person! 21 years old and an optimistic beaming smile. He’s got a lean defined body, cute ass, and perky prick! Watch Brad clean himself up and shoot his wad under a stream of hot water. Steamy!


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