Aidan & Carl & Frank Jerking Off Nude

Louis Big Dick Man

Louis Big Dick Man

No info about Louis

Aidan Big Dick Man

We see Aidan is uncut. Aidan is back on active duty, and this time he’s in his civvies. This dirty little chav with a cheeky grin, peels it off and teases; he might let you, he might steal your wallet… Playing with his dark foreskin, back and forth to reveal the livid pink of his tender helmet. Skin so loose and stretchy he can stick his fingers under it and run them around the head of his aching cock. This lad has got to be forced to his knees by the bins and made to suck your fat cock, make him gag on it, then fill him from tonsils to teeth with your sap.


Carl Big Dick Man

This naked British lad has plenty of hot Spanish blood coursing through his veins. And his dark looks will certainly make your blood boil too. In addition to his handsome face, Carl is firmly muscled and blessed with a big beautiful curved cock. Watch as Carl lays back in the dentist’s chair and coaxes out a massive load all over his rippling abs while moaning in pleasure!


Frank Big Dick Man

No info about Frank

Vince Big Dick Man

Privates on Parade Vince. War veteran Vince has found a new line of work to earn some extra money. This hunky man is a mechanic by trade since his retirement from the Army. But Vince has been moon-
lighting as an Adult performer and has recently appeared in a couple of straight porn movies. Even though he’s 100% straight, Vince was delighted to get naked for us. Be sure to pay extra notice to his perfect bum!


Winston Big Dick Man

Winston is Packing. We’ve had moody guys and brooding guys, but is there anything as winning as a smile? Black skin somewhere between velvet and oil, a beautifully proportioned cock and high slung, rock hard arse, all this and then that smile – you have to love Winston. He’s not just a hot, dirty fucker, with an insatiable appetite for cock, he’s also a really nice bloke to be with. Totally tropical totty.


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