Aiden & Trent & Miguel Jerking Off Nude

Trent Big Dick Man

Big Dick Men

More exciting big dick showing off the goods. Miquel is the stand out in this set of photos. He has a really nice fat thick uncut cock that he loves to show off. Check them all out !

Clo Big Dick Man

This big dick hunk goes by Clo and is wearing cargo pants for a reason. He needs all the room for his man junk.

Aiden Big Dick Man

20 year old Aiden is the latest addition to He looks like the innocent, big dick hunk and in some respects this young stud from Kentucky is. But his youthful sexual curiosity is strong and has already lead Aiden to discover that taking a role in naked photography scenes really gets him hot. Don’t let the word “passive” fool you though. There’s not a shy bone in Aiden’s body when it comes to sex.


Trent Big Dick Man

We stumbled upon Trent at the airport just off the plane from his tour of duty in Iraq. He was broke and asked us for a ride to his buddy’s house where he was staying before heading back to the Mid East. Of course, we couldn’t resist making a detour to the loft to do a little shoot and help Sergeant Long with a little fun for his R & R. This dude was more than happy to rub one out for us and we were happy to shoot it, although it took days to clean the sofa– his ass was still crusted with fresh desert sand!


Miguel Big Dick Man

Every office has its fresh faced young talent and this is ours. But Miguel’s spanish angel eyes mask his true sexual nature. His young toned body is more accustomed to pumping away at some guys ass than letting his position in the company dictate how he should be treated. An unsuspecting boss could soon find the tables turned when he employs this hard top as an assistant.


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