Alexei Vasiliev & Griffith Hawk Masturbate

Alexei Vasiliev Big Dick Man

Henry Big Dick Man

California skater Henry has blonde hair and a lips ring that go with his tattoos. He seems so confident that you forget that he’s being recorded. Showing off his big dick is no problem for Henry.

Mark Big Dick British Man

Everyone was talking about Mark after this photo shoot. Turns out that he loves showing off his big dick.

Grant Big Dick Man

One of the sexiest models from Corbin Fisher loves to show off his cock.

Mike Big Dick Man

One from the archives with Mike who was one of the first models photographed for this studio.

Brady Big Dick Man

Sexy and straight Brady enjoys being naked. His big dick gets harder and bigger after all of his clothes come off.

Alexei Vasiliev Big Dick Man

Hung and straight muscle jock Alexei strokes his big meat. It’s been a tough workout for Alexei Vasiliev, and it always makes him so horny. Usually he enjoys a jerk off in the gym showers and doesn’t mind if there’s another guy there to watch, but today it was far too busy. Instead, he’s taking care of business in private, although sharing the fun with us too. The gorgeous hung and uncut jock shows us his incredible buff body and cleans up in the shower, his thick and long cock soon hard and aching for release. Drying off and moisturizing is all the preparation he needs to be grabbing his smooth and meaty shaft and stroking his cream from his jizz-laden balls, making a sticky wet mess for all his many viewers to enjoy. We would all gladly lend him a hand.

Griffith Hawk Big Dick Man

Griffith is a hardworking man trying to conquer his dreams. This guy is the most active man on the planet. He is either working out at the gym or trying to start his own supplement business. We feel lucky he decided to come try out with us. We hit him up on a social media site and he became interested very quickly so we brought him out to see if he has what it takes to be an NDM.

He’s accomplished some of his fantasies but he never thought he would be in front of the camera jacking it for millions of viewers. Once the interview ended Griffith jumped on our bed and ripped his clothes off revealing his ripped body and he slowly teased us. He pulled his rock hard cock out and started jacking it fast yet once he felt comfortable he slowed down and we were amazed by the precum oozing out of his throbbing cock. Take a look at this hard working individual and let us know if he has what it takes. Enjoy!

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