Bekim & Dusty & Toby Jerking Off Nude

Bekim Big Dick Man

Bekim Big Dick Man

Bekim Replay. The really fun part of this shoot has got to be Bekim’s several minutes of video on the leather sofa where his performs what he calls “dick tricks” with his cock and balls.


Dusty Big Dick Man

Dusty’s facial. Dusty is back from a long trip over seas and looking better than ever! Dusty did an amazing autofellatio video a few months back that has been the most watched video ever!


Toby Big Dick Man

Toby is another one of our str8 rugby lads who is just as happy in his kit as out of it! He arrives at the shoot the end of his first day as a recruiter dressed in his suit looking very business like. He opens a few shirt buttons and grabs his meat through his suit and its quite handful! Toby is relaxed about showing his body and its not long before his semi is in his hand and its fully erect. His body is real smooth only his legs have a tiny bit of hair. He plays about wanking on the bed and standing up and really gets into the shoot, even happy to show his ass. His cock can visibly be seen to swell and gets real stiff before he squirts a nice load of str8 lad cum over his hairless abs.


Chuck Big Dick Man

From the moment he walked into their studio, Chuck was a natural. Within minutes he was up on our bed, ready to jack his fat meat. In this hot solo scene, Chuck strips down to nothing but his combat boots and cock ring. This guy has raw sexuality, and a beautiful cock!


Ken Big Dick Man

No description with Ken’s pictures but you can see that he’s got a juicy big dick.

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