Ben & Lee & Dale Jerking Off Nude

Ben & Lee Big Dick Men

Ben & Lee Big Dick Men

Ben introduces us to his best mate they have never seen each other naked, but that doesnít seem to bother them! They strip down and its not long before they are both start naked and discreetly checking out each others equipment! The lads are really sporty and have toned and tight bodies, as soon as they start to strike their cocks spring up and stay nice and hard! They have a lot of fun as they wank and tease each other during the shoot and after half an hour of wanking both lads shoot a nice load and Lee nearly drowns himself with it!


Dale Big Dick Man

Dale is new to modelling, slightly shy at the beginning but brimming with enthusiasm for doing a good job. He strips real quick and is not much into teasing he just wants to whip it out and have a play! His uncut cock gets real big and bends off to his left. He is quick to get erect and then it stays up as he watches porn and strokes his meat. His body is naturally hairy and his ass even more hairy which he is happy to show off. After a nice long wank Dale is on the edge and bursting to shoot and he gushes a good sized load all over his hairy abs.


Matt Big Dick Man

Matt has had loads of requests for doing a solo shoot so here he is! He is very relaxed in this shoot being real teasy as his meat bulges in his boxers. Matt is hung and real proud of showing it off, he hardly has to touch it before it rears up and reaches its 9 inch throbbing state! Once he is naked he shows off every inch of his body and is cool about showing his hairy little butt hole. Matt is like a rock and after a long and teasy wank shoots the most massive load of str8 boy cum.


Chris, Reese, Sebastian & Shawn Big Dick Men

Slip-n-Slide It In! This has got to be one of my favorite videos yet. A hot shower circle jerk with toys…..nice! Of course I chose 4 of my all time favorites and turned them loose on each other! What could be more hot or fun then Chris, Reese, Sebastian and Shawn all getting dirty in the shower!


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