Bira & Buddy & Chad Jerking Off

Buddy Big Dick Man

Big Dick Men

More classics with straight and gay men jerking off their big dicks.

Sexton Big Dick Man

Sexy Sexton shoots a big dick load !

Shay Big Dick Man

6 foot and 6 inches tall Shay is definitely a big dick man.

Marcus Big Dick Man

Well hung Marcus is a bartender and snowboarder. In he spare time he light weights and jerks off his big dick.

Bira Big Dick Man

I met Bira at a magazine shoot. He was modeling for a local magazine and I fell in love with him on the spot. When he was young and full of energy with hot tats, great body and killer smile. He loved to jerk off, so check this out because you will see a lot more of him in the coming weeks 😉


Buddy Big Dick Man

25 year old Buddy from Atlanta is our newest model. Yet another straight boy and to say he’s, uh, curious is perhaps a huge understatement. Soon we’ll be posting video of Buddy getting fucked by a girl with a strap on and another video where he tries fucking a guy for the first time. And our last Cum Rag Giveaway contest went so well we’ll be giving away two cum rags from Buddy’s videos to one of our members…to do with however they see fit. Nice big photos sets of him stripping out of his workout gear is up first though.


Chad Big Dick Man

Meet Chad! He is a native Manhattanite and doing his residency at a major NYC hospital. We found a super handsome doctor, with muscles and fur, how could we go wrong!
Now, Chad also falls into that “just too straight” category. We had to employ Candi’s charm to get Chad to do a movie with us.
As Chad strips for us, off camera Candi strips for him. She really
gets him worked up and he gets off telling her about his various fantasies, in particular, fucking a girl up the butt, while in a field someplace in the country. When Chad shoots his load, not only does he explode, he lets out one of the loudest groans! Just think, as all this unfolded Chad completely forgot that just inches from him jacking off were two guys taking pictures of him.

Cristiano Big Dick Man

Bonus gallery featuring big dick stud Cristiano jerking off.

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