Brent & Rich & Eddie Jerking Off Nude

Brent Big Dick Man

Ragga Big Dick Man

Bisexual top Ragga loves nipple play !

Alejandro Big Dick Man

From Mimai Alejandro is also a bisexual top and he have 9 inches of uncut big dick.

Heath & Andrew Big Dick Man

Couple of big dick frat hunks !

Brent Big Dick Man

We finished up “Big N Bad” with a whopper j/o session with Brent sitting on the edge of the bed, doing his final shot and shooting a huge load all over his stomach and massive legs.


Rich Big Dick Man

He’s a Greco-Roman wrestler from the East Coast who’s a total nutter. Rich is multi-talented, too.  He’s in the middle of writing a futuristic farce musical about a bisexual baseball player and competing at the college level while finishing his degree.


Eddie Big Dick Man

This hot Colombian boy sports a big fat cock, a not boy and a very fuckable bubble butt!


Emiliano Big Dick Man

Emiliano is 26 and hails from Verona (Italy). Heís long been a Lucas Kazan fan: in fact, he visited the ITALIAN FOR THE BEGINNER set and was to be hired as a production assistant for DECAMERON. Things didnít work out at the time and Emiliano lost his gig to the more experienced Xavier de la Croix (a former Kristen Bjorn model). Emiliano persevered, came back for an informal screen test and kept working out. His chiseled abs are well on display in this second test for everyone to enjoy. Along with his shyness, intense green eyes and smarts.


Clint Big Dick Man

Clint is a gem. A hot horny, exhibitionist, saving up for a holiday, we help where we can. Its hard to keep his clothes on during the Easter heatwave, so he’s peeling them off his tight, toned body to reveal a smooth chest and lovely stiff cock.


Dillon Big Dick Man

The best place to warm your hands in the Highlands is up Dillon’s kilt, if he’ll let you. In that hot crease between his arse cheeks, so you can touch his arse hole with your thumb and stroke his heavy, hairy ball sac with your fingers.


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