Cadet & Chad & Danny Jerking Off Nude

Cadet & Chad & Danny Jerking Off Nude

Tyler Big Dick Man

Early photos of Cody who went by Tyler during his big dick debut.

Ashton Big Dick Man

Tall lean Southern gentleman Ashton is a big dick man who is very open minded.

Frank Big Dick Man

Good looking hunk Frank airs his big dick in the desert.

Cadet Derek Big Dick Man

Handsome, well built, and with a nice thick cock, Cadet Derek is a very hot EMT. We sure wouldn’t mind him coming to our assistance. Here in his adult film debut, he shows off his sexual charms and promises us to try a future scene with another male. Cadet Derek’s only concern is that his girlfriend doesn’t find out what he’s doing. We promise not to tell her. And in the meantime we get to enjoy her boyfriend stroking his big cock, showing off his ass and shooting a big wad of straight EMT cum for our camera.


Chad Big Dick Man

Chad is a beefy Marine and I’m telling you, this boy is a big ole flirt! Then he was half hard when he walked in the door, and could hardly wait to get his dick out and show it off! He was very nice, and when I asked about “stuff” with guys, he didn’t say no. He grinned a little and then told me about hooking up with a straight couple. This guy wanted him to “bang his wife”. He said they messed around a bit too, and the wife seemed to like that. Chad seems to know exactly how to peak my interest, and I took the bait, hook line and sinker! Not only is he hard from the start, he shoots a load that’s like a fountain spraying all over his chest! You’re going to see Chad cumming again for sure. Enjoy!


Danny Penn Big Dick Man

Danny Penn is the latest addition to He’s a 23 year old Latino twink we found at a promotional event in Albuquerque. Not only did Danny pose for a photo session with us but he wound up in our latest video release “Road Trip 8”. He’s a talented bottom and has no problem handling an enormous black dick in one end while servicing a thick, white piece of meat on the other.


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