Carson & Billy & Blaze Jerking Off Nude

Carson Big Dick Man

Kayden Big Dick Man

Runner Kayden loves exercise and jerking off his big dick.

Logan Big Dick Man

Irish Logan gets naked then pulls his fat uncut dick.

Carson Big Dick Man

Ok, so this is our new Fratman Carson from Pledge Class 3. He’s this total Prep-school guy from up-state New York who likes to play Golf and works on his dad’s yacht in the summer. Such a blue-blood it’s kinda cute.


Billy Big Dick Man

Billy’s back and this time this hottie decides to show off his new dildo!


Blaze Big Dick Man

I’ve gotten pretty good at telling whether or not a guy has the “it” factor or not. I’m here to tell ya, Blaze definitely is “it.” I have always loved dark-haired men with blue eyes, and Blaze breaks the mold when it comes to guys too good to be true. Blaze is as all-American as they come. His favorite sports include football and baseball and he loves tinkering under the hood of his car.


Nicholas Big Dick Man

Nicholas Luv’s Solo. Do yourself a favor and check out Nicholas Luv’s Solo. And no… it’s not a bird…but it’s not a plane… it’s simply one of the finest dudes I’ve seen in a long time stroking his beautiful, thick cock… for the pure pleasure of it. I don’t know if he can leap a tall building in a single bound, but if he ever gets the notion, Nicholas is more than welcome


Alex, Francois, Michael, Jherrad and Dominic Big Dick Men

Here you go guys; this episode features some of the most stunning men on the planet, in a circle jerk for the ages. The weight room is full, with Francois Sagat, Alex Corsi, Michael Vincenzo, Jherrad Lopez, and our narrator for the video, Dominic Pacifico, who is checking out, with lustful eyes, the room full of muscle. His fantasy is to be used as a cum rag and have muscle-head jizz blown all over him. Well…who says fantasies donít come true…


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