Cooper & Nelson & Wayne Jerking Off Nude

Cooper Big Dick Man
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Big Dick Men

A bit of variety with this set of dudes.. some hairy some smooth but all packing !

Cooper Big Dick Man

Cooper was born in Lebanon and sports a massively girthed cock and really gets off jerking it in front of a camera. Check out how thick this dick is! It sure would be a challenge fitting that monster in any man hole.


Nelson Big Dick Man

Boxer Nelson gets randy. Nelson is a really cheeky chap and within seconds of the camera starting he starts to undress hardly able to control his excitement, stripping for you. He is proud of his old man and whips its out his pants to show you its semi and that just within a couple of strokes.


Wayne Big Dick Man

Wayne’s bath time fun. Wayne is one of our members favourites, those who have seen him before know he is quite the performer! We are in the bathroom and he strips down to his boxers there is a nice package bulging in his boxers and we get a glimpse of that uncut meat.


Huessein Big Dick Man

You’re going to love this solo performance of our favorite hairy, dark , Arabian top, Huessein. Sit back and enjoy a personal, up-close look at one of the galaxy’s most beautiful, hairy men. He shows you why he looks so good–this guy lives at a gym and we get to see part of his workout. It all end in ropes of sticky white cum.


Justin Magnum Big Dick Man

His name says it all. Justin Magnum has quite a list of straight porn credits to his name. He’s even done a few layouts for Playgirl. A former body builder, Justin keeps his awesome body in shape by spinning, running, and riding motocross. And his cock… it’s huge!

Mike Hancock

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