Erik Bouna & Billy & Denny Jerking Off

Erik Bouna Big Dick Man

Big Dick Men

3 sexy guys who love to show off their hard cocks.

Jason O’Connor Big Dick Man

Big dick bisexual Jason loves to show off his 8 incher. After rubbing his hard erection he pulls it out of his underwear and puts on a masturbation show. It’s uncut and looks delicious.

Lance Alexander Big Dick Man

Former water polo player Lance has just left the swimming pool on a bright sunny day. We was doing a lengthy workout and has a lot of sexual energy pent up. What better way to let off some steam than to have a masturbation inside.

Erik Bouna Big Dick Man

Today we have HUNGarian Erik Bouna in front of the lens for Spanish photographer Joan Crisol. Joan has been a regular guest with us for quite a few years, often bringing a surprising and very different feel to some of our art collection sets, as well as being responsible for our book ‘BelAmi Rebels’.
His take on Erik today has quite a sports gear theme, a look that we think Erik pulls of really well, giving us this set of stunning and unique images.


Billy Big Dick Man

This is Billy’s first time on camera, and what a GREAT model he turned out to be. After a short interview, Billy takes off his Chelsea football top, revealing a seriously awesome chest, powerful and well developed from sport, helped no doubt from working as a scaffolder. He takes off his shorts, and is already hard is his white jockstrap. He has really solid legs too. Billy rubs his rock hard stiffie for a bit before getting his cock out, and jerks off for us, giving us some great shots of that really fit body, before shooting a good thick load over his tight 6 pack. Hot!


Denny Big Dick Man

As a balance to some more familiar faces we also wanted to include some of our newer HUNGarian here as models of the week as well. Dark, playful and Sexy, Denny was one that sprang immediately to mind.
Despite all his natural gifts, Denny decided to completely shave himself before this shoot, much to the dismay of Eliot Klien, but rather than risk missing out on shooting him altogether, Eliot decides to make a bit of a joke about it and carry on with the shoot.


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