Fabio & Justin & Brad Jerking Off Nude

Fabio & Justin & Brad Jerking Off Nude

Fabio Big Dick Man

Times square like it used to be. Standing at the crossroads of the world…”Fabio” let us come up to his office in the middle of Times Square and film him putting on a performance for all the tourists below. The next time you visit Times Square, look up at all the lights, ads, neon signs, and windows…and perhaps you too will catch a glimpse of an exhibitionist in action!


Justin Big Dick Man

Justin’s Dream. We were paid a surprise visit last week from Justin, our chop shop biker. With his new clean shaven face and short hair at first we didn’t recognize him! After catching up on things that have happened since we had last seen him, Justin confided in us that since his blow job from Bobby, he often fantasized about that while jerking off. The feel of Bobby’s mouth on his throbbing cock, shooting a load on his face always managed to get him hard and shoot a load. That gave us an idea for an update. We asked him if he would play out his morning ritual for our camera. He said he was always horny and ready to shoot a load and would be glad to spank one out for us.

Justin got naked and we were surprised to see how furry the rest of him had become since out last shoot! He worked his pierced dick in a hot soapy shower and shot a load of cum that anyone would be proud of!


Brad Big Dick Man

Brad fires his torpedo. You’ve got to love Brad, he’s the bashful straight type. How do we know he’s straight you may be wondering? Well, he brought his own porn DVD to watch while jerking it for you…and c’mon…check out his boxers! No gay guy would be caught dead in that underwear! His taste in clothes aside, Brad has a cut torpedo that he takes out of his pants and bats around with his hands until he spews a tasty cumload onto his stomach!


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