Franc & Will & Andrew & Frankie

Franc Big Dick Man

Classic Big Dick Men

Franc and Andrew have the biggest dicks in this set of studs. Ace isn’t the biggest but he is cute while Frankie has big dick energy.

Johnny Hill Big Dick Man

So hard Johnny’s cock springs back !

Steven Lee Big Dick Man

Cute and has a big dick ! Steven is a dream man !

Roman Todd & Johnny B Big Dick Man

Hard construction workers show off big dicks.

Alexander Garrett Big Dick Man

You be wishing you were on your knees.

Franc Big Dick Man

Some great photos of hung latino hunk Franc.

Will Big Dick Man

This is Fratmen Will. He’s a Biology Major at an Ivy League University on the east coast and he’s a competitive wrestler. Check out his big dick.

Andrew Larson Big Dick Man

Everybody’s favorite super hung big dick twink Andrew Larson has returned and this time he’s jacking off in his living room.



Ace is a HOT Marine with a real kinky side. He is into some light bondage, wrestling “for the top position” and lots of fun stuff, but tells me that he’s never played with a toy…..until this night! I talked him into giving it a try, and after a little play with it, he REALLY got into it and I think he really liked it more than he let on. Ace also appeared in my first and only Bareback video with his boyfriend Seth. Seth is a HOT little Marine too, but he’s been out in the field for over a week and Seth was really Horny for something to do. Of course I was more than Happy to keep him faithful and out of trouble!  I hope you like this one as much as I did! It’s another HOT one!


Frankie Big Dick Man

This week “Dare Me” stars Frankie, 21 year old “street hottie” whose previous photos, “How Ya Doin’”  & “Dirty Boy” were so very popular last year. In his latest set, this 6 foot, blond haired, blue eyed street wise tough guy puts on a first class show as he talks trash at the camera while whipping out his big dick, spreading his ass cheeks, playing with his toes and everything in between.


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