Frederick & Dietrich Solo Masturbation

Frederick & Dietrich Solo Masturbation
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Frederick Big Dick Man

Frederick is a local gay guy who came by one Sunday to stroke one out for us.

He has a long 8.5 cock that is in contrast to his Bottom Boy status. He likes to get fucked and though Big is good, it is not always necessary when he wants to get fucked.

He is into mature guys and likes to be bossed around a bit.

Frederick did ask for a Helping Hand during a portion of the video, and I willingly played with his hole and stroked that long lean cock of his.

I jumped up and moved the cameras around for his orgasm. I was also stroking my hard cock for him. Between that and the porn playing for him, he shoots a MASSIVE load. Ropes fly out and it looked like a very intense orgasm.

I like this guy’s sexual energy. He seemed a little nervous, but I think he was just checking in with me, making sure he was doing a good job.


Dietrich Big Dick Man

Dietrich is an outgoing and amiable dude. He likes guys and does tend to go for the younger “Twink” types. But at the same time, he loves to please all kinds of guys.

His absolute favorite thing to do in bed is suck dick. He claims to have professional skills, and based on the videos I saw of him in action, he surely could win a medal in cock sucking.

Dietrich also tends to be more of a Bottom, but is assertive and eager to take control.

His solo is awesome. He was very excited to do some porn. A bit nervous about the solo, but he did great. Based on his years of sexual experience, he knew doing a scene with a hot guy would be much easier.

He definitely will be back next week to show us his oral skills, and I am eager to get him back for more

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