GSpot & Sebastian & Ricky Jerking Off Nude

GSpot & Sebastian & Ricky Jerking Off Nude
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Big Dick Men

Another bunch of sexy guys showing their dicks.

GSpot Big Dick Man

Let’s be honest. No matter what we might like to believe about ourselves, is there any one of us who isn’t strongly drawn to sex and muscle from the city streets? G-Spot is the genuine article.


Guy Big Dick Man

Another muscle hunk who goes by guy showing off his cock.

Sebastian Big Dick Man

There’s something about a 30something stud that you can’t help but list after. Especially when they look like Sebastian, our latest addition the Boys Club. We met Sebastian while on a trip to Southern Florida (he was guest at the clothing optional resorts in we stayed at) and after watching him hook up with a couple guys around the pool we knew he would be the perfect model.


Santos Big Dick Man

Santos has been making himself scarce around my place these days. He’s usually hanging out with his buddy Eddie for a reciprocal blowjob between friends when he’s not working as an actor. I asked him how his career has been going: ‘I’m doing pretty well these days. I’m doing a couple of soaps right now. I occasionally play a waiter in one of the ones taped here in the city, and last month the network flew me to New York to appear in one of the prison scenes. I liked that better because there was actually some meaningful dialogue and I got to wear a wife-beater and show off my tats. Other than that, I’m modeling-mostly for you, Randy-but you’re the only photographer that lets me share everything with my fans.’


Ricky Big Dick Man

This shoot, like Ricky himself, is hot, colourful and spicy and you see this cute British Indian lad glowing and smouldering from every angle.


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