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Kris Evans Big Dick Man

Kris Evans Big Dick Man

Sexy Kris Evans working out and showing off his big dick. One of the most popular models in the industry he has always stood out in more ways than one. So many have worshiped this super model. He works as a model for almost a decade thrilling his co-stars and admirers alike. There was no short of Kris. He is looking better than ever as you can see from this video where he shows off this workout techniques. Lovers of big dick will be more than happy.

Peter Big Dick Man

Although Peter looks like a Librarian this big dick stud is just a mild mannered hottie. Sometimes the guys from next door are the ones that surprise us the most. Literally not judging a book by the cover. Peter would be a long novel with many chapters to explore.

Alec & Grant Big Dick Men

Newer model Grant was paired with seasoned performer Alec. Alec had worked with this studio several times and was making a cum-back of sorts. Some of the models just enjoy hanging out and they don’t even pay attention to the photography. A lot of the photo shoots for this studio were filmed in that room. Hopefully they changed the sheets often.

Jake & Rocco Big Dick Man

Real life British couple Jake and Rocco explore their passion for each other. Rocco comes into the room and starts sucking his younger partners big uncut erection. He really knows how to work that cock !

Danny James Big Dick Man

Not much was said about Danny James. No description about the scene but we can tell that he shoots a massive load out of his big dick. This studio was very busy for a long time and showcased some of the hottest models who loved being naked.

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