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Hung Straight Wade Shows Hard Long Erection

Wade is a sexy straight country boy from Oregon and has the innocence that comes with growing up in the country. OK, maybe not too innocent, so naïve may be a better word. He was distracted by the porn that was playing, and apologized for the uncontrollable hard on. I had to laugh and reminded him why he was here. After spending some time filming with Wade and talking with him, I just didn’t want to let him go home. Especially after he told me that he might experiment with “different things”. That really got my attention! Wade said he’s never done anything with another guy, but wouldn’t rule it out. You can bet Wade will be back for more fun in the future! I hope you enjoy Wade as much as I do!


Brock Big Dick Man

Remember Brock? When we first met and I’d given him a card about doing porn, he was a little on the fence about shedding his clothes for the world to see. He came by the studio, though, to talk about it and get a few pics taken.

It was pretty hot seeing how quickly he got himself hard. But not too surprising since he hadn’t busted a nut in a few days and was extra horny. It seemed a shame to let him walk out with blue balls so I set up the cameras and let him go at it.

As undecided as Brock was about doing porn, and considering how nervous he was getting naked on camera for the first time (remember this preceded his other shoots), it almost looked like he’d done some homework on how to make a hot jerk-off video.

Seeing Brock’s beer-can-thick dick, there was no way the measuring tape couldn’t come out for the “official measurement.” At 6 1/2 inches around, I was floored. Brock grinned proudly when I told him it’s the thickest one I’d ever seen.

Hearing that must have given him the confidence boost he needed to finish with great fanfare. Brock lubed up, looked right in the camera and proceeded to splatter his stomach with a well-deserved load.


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