Ian Roebuck & Matt Solo Masturbation

Ian Roebuck & Matt Solo Masturbation
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Ian Roebuck Big Dick Man

Ian Roebuck is an elegantly handsome lad that you have all met before in regular episodes and will see more in our upcoming Jambo Africa series. One thing you probably didn’t know about Ian though is that he can also be elegantly late….. quite often.
Marty Stevens is our stand in photographer today (so there will probably be a few more butt shots than if Eliot were taking them) and he is ably assisted by Brian Jovovich and Johan Paulik. Ian here is in great shape, well tanned, toned and trim and we think the pictures turned out really well.


Matt’s Big Dick Solo

Matt’s back for his third scene on Donovan’s Dudes. After his initial solo, and later being hooked up with Jake, where he received his first blowjob from a dude, Matt decided to take it one step further. He was back for a solo, but this time revealing to Donovan that he enjoys playing with his ass, so of course he had to see how much. Matt begins by washing up in the shower, teasing the camera by probing his soaped up hole with a few fingers. He dries off and then it’s off to the main event. After retiring to the sofa, Matt gets it rock hard and really puts on a show.

He begins by seductively teasing the camera with his feet, begging the lens to follow as he brings toes to lips and sucks for a while. Then his foot moves to his aching cock which is throbbing and desperate to blow. His fingers work the shaft while his other hand is back to work on his boy-hole. Donovan had a surprise and out came the trusty vibrator which Matt reluctantly agreed to use on himself. However, after a few minutes of teasing his backside, Matt started getting into it and moaned in ecstas! y as he banged away. As he neared the big moment, Matt had a s! urprised for Donovan as he reached over to a lit candle and poured hot was on his abs just as

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