Jason & Simon & Mark Jerking Off Nude

Jason Big Dick Man

Jason Big Dick Man

Jason is our str8 lad who does garden make-overs for a living and is happy working away in just a pair of shorts. Judging by the size of his cock anyone looking at him in his shorts would not be able to miss a bulge! He has a nice body from all the physical exercise and even when soft is quite big. A few strokes and his meat gets to about 8.5 inches and he is never happier than when wanking. Jason is also ok about showing off his hairy hole so this video should do it for the members who love str8 lads showing their holes! His cum shot is monstrous, just so much cum everywhere!


Simon Big Dick Man

Our popular hairy hunk Simon is back for a new shoot this time in the studio so we get to see his muscular body in great detail. He strips out of his grey trackies down to his tight boxers and pulls out his uncut cock, its soft and he shows off his foreskin though after a few tugs it starts to grow and Simon then gets real hard. His cock looks like steel when its erect and he enjoys working it out through the shoot. Simon rubs his body with baby oil making him feels real horny, so he oils up the butt plug and shoves it in and there it stays! He has discovered itís a great feeling and he shoots a nice load of cum before pulling it out!


Mark Evrett Big Dick Man

Hairy Mark Evrett can take a dildo with the best of them. The dildo in question here, is perhaps twice the width of Michael Brandon’s dick and certainly longer. Mark positions the dildo squarely on a simple wooden chair and with no time or effort wasted, slides right down it. Mark continually impales himself on the scary piece of latex, until he can take no more and strokes out a big spurt.


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