Jay Connor Masturbates Hard Erection

Jay Connor Masturbates Hard Erection
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Jay Connor Big Dick Man

Sitting back on the sofa, and wearing blue shiny sports kit and footie socks, tall, young and handsome square jawed lad, Jay Connor, rubs the growing bulge in his shorts… He lifts his top to play with his nipples… He takes it off, and focuses on his hard stiffie, gripping it at the base, then slips off his shorts. His cock is so big and so thick, his white sports briefs cant quite contain it, and as he strokes and squeezes it throbs even more. Bursting to come out, and he indulges in plenty of very horny hard bulge action for us, giving sexy smiles to camera..

Jay slides his underwear down his slim, muscled legs, giving us our first look at his impressive meaty tool, and starts playing with his cock. Even though it looks massive, its not fully hard yet.. he slides his ample foreskin back and forth over the large head, squeezing out precum, it makes his cock shine and glisten as he starts to jerk off slowly.. he gets his cock rock solid and wanks for a bit, showing it off to the camera, more foreskin action too..

Huge Thick Cock

He stands now, playing with his cock, lets it hang a little, thick and heavy between his legs, then jerks off a bit, getting it rock hard again.. when its rock solid, it curves off a bit to the side, very sexy.. Jay returns to the sofa and lays back, plays with his cock nice and slow for us, then gets into some strong jerk off action.. he speeds up a little.. his muscles tighten, his six pack bulges as he gets closer.. he pumps away at his thick meat, till thick hot spunk starts squirting out hard over his six pack.. He shoots a nice big load, and squeezes out every last drop. Gotta love those thick meaty dicks.


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