Joey & Jean & Sasha & Marco Jerking Off Nude

Joey Big Dick Man
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Big Dick Men

Check out some more classic big dick studs. Those are very early photos of Jean Franko ever taken.

Joey Big Dick Man

Tall, dark and handsome Joey. Str8 boxer Joey in his first shoot
Joey is sexy new str8 lad, first time doing porn but he has been in front of the camera loads! He is a lot of fun to shoot, larking around with that accent. Joey strips off some clothes and gives you a few peeks of his meat, he loves being a tease and with not a shy gene in him his big cock is soon in his hand, a few strokes later it standing full mast!


Jean Franko Big Dick Man

Jean Franko just exudes sex. His rough, masculine good looks, his furry chest and hairy, strong legs are a welcome addition to the LKP family of exclusive models (no, he doesn’t ordinarily shave, doesn’t wax, doesn’t tan and isn’t afraid of being himself amidst hundreds of porn clones).


It should be noted Jean Franko briefly retired but has since some back and showing off his big dick. Clearly he was made to show off !

Sasha Byazrov Big Dick Man

Moreover like most Russians, Sasha enjoys vodka and is known to drink before filming. “It relaxes me”, he claims. Also, over the years, he has become more comfortable with his own sexuality, finally giving up his ‘straight’ persona and embracing his truer desires.


Marco Ramazzotti Big Dick Man

Finally, Marco embodies everybody’s fantasy of what an Italian stud is all about: tall, dark, impossibly handsome, adventurous yet romantic in bed. Prior to HOTEL ITALIA, Marco had graced the cover of “Men Magazine”: photographer Roberto Roma was so thrilled with that layout, he recommended we get together in Rome. We did get together and wasted no time: Marco was cast on the spot, along with his real-life partner, Daniele della Valle.


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