Jon & Kyle & Miguel Jerking Off Nude

Jon Big Dick Man

Jon Big Dick Man

Jon is a straight red headed stud that I met through a girlfriend of mine.  He came over for a party a few weeks ago, and we really hit it off. 


Kyle Big Dick Man

We knew he’d be trouble when we first laid eyes on him, but we all like a bit of rough now and then, so we took our chances… We’re glad we did, because this cheeky, cocky urchin is actually quite funny and up for anything – and we mean anything.


Miguel Big Dick Man

We shot Miguel in Rio a couple of years ago and he only seems to improve with age!

Check out a recent shoot of this HUNG Brazilian stud!


Denny Big Dick Man

Very well hung stud Denny shows off his monster cock. He displays his big cock like its a weapon.


Peter Goodman Big Dick Man

As far as I’m concerned, this one is a first rate cutie-bum! I’m digging his youthful smile and trim athletic body – never mind that rather lofty cock!


Brent Big Dick Man

Brent’s new toy. Brent is a true lover of dildos because he said “they don’t talk back”. Brent starts off with what used to be my biggest toy, and worked into the new monster cock.  I was filming away, and thought it would be a crime not to use the suction cup on the bottom.


Steven Big Dick Man

Steven is the latest addition to No. We didn’t get David Schwimmer to pose for us. But straight, 25 year old muscleman Steven is a dead ringer — it’s the sad, puppy dog eyes and shape of the face.


Alan Big Dick Man

Alan’s got that 50’s Movie Star look.  He’s a total ham and loves to show off, which is why he’s perfect for the Fratpad where he’s been for the last week.


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