Buncha Big Dicks

Julian Fantechi Big Dick Man

Claudio Big Dick Man

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Claudio Big Dick Man

This model appeared several times and you can tell that he enjoys being on camera. Doesn’t hurt that he looks good jerking off his big dick.

Tommy & Sam Big Dick Men

Classic scene with star Tommy and friend Samuel.

Nemiliano Big Dick Man

26 at the time of these photos Nemiliano is one of the sexiest Italian men. He has chiseled abs and nice cock.

Big Dick Men

Another batch of sexy and big dick men to see. Some videos and lots of photos.

Julian Fantechi Big Dick Man

First three pics are of Julian Fantechi who has been making a splash here in the news in NYC. He is our Gallery Hunk of the Week. Let’s be honest. No matter what we might like to believe about ourselves, is there any one of us who isn’t strongly drawn to sex and muscle from the city streets? Julian is the genuine article.


Kent Big Dick Man

Kent’s a big dick cutie. He had taken a break but was excited to do another film. This guy was totally up his alley and he couldn’t wait to get his clothes off…

Reggie Big Dick Man

Reggie is the strong silent type. He comes across as being kind of cocky, but I think it’s just that he’s a man of few words. Also, he’s straight and proud of it! He has let his hair grow out a little and now he has a beautiful dusting of fur all over his sexy chest. The guys around here have nicknamed him “elephant trunk” because after a shoot his semi-hard, uncut dick swinging between his legs looks just like that.

Tanner Big Dick Man

Tanner is from Alabama and loves to spend his free time fishing with his buddies. He was the life of the party at Pledge Class 3 with his habit of ripping off his clothes and hopping into the pool or being thr first up on stage when we took him to his first strip club.


Robinho Big Dick Man

Check out this sexy latin hunk and his thick big dick. He looks like he knows how to use it !.

Fabricio Big Dick Man

Here is another sexy hunk who goes by Fabricio.

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