Keith Manheim & Paul & Sean Dexter Naked

Keith Manheim Big Dick Man
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Big Dick Men

Some more classic big dick hunks. 2 European hunks and 1 America stud.

Keith Manheim Big Dick Man

New guys directly from the KM Studio web site. See the guys of Keith Manheim in hot sizzling action.

Keith Manheim

Paul Big Dick Man

Paul’s medical fetish. When Liverpool lad Paul walked into our studio, he saw our hospital set and his face lit-up with excitement. He told us that he was studying medicine at university. That’s all we needed to hear! We immediately gave him a surgical gown to wear over his shirt and tie. The gown doesn’t stay on for long as Paul gets naked and plays with his foreskin while wearing rubber gloves. The environment gets Paul excited so he lays back on the cool steel exam table and wanks to a gushing climax.

Paul will make a real handsome young doctor someday soon. And I’m certain that he will have lads lining up for complete physicals in his office waiting room.


Sean Big Dick Man

Sean Dexter stays busy fucking some of the biggest porn starlets for companies like Vivid, Hustler, and Penthouse Video to name a few. He’s a fan of Ultimate Fighting, but doesn’t like the brutality of hand to hand combat himself. An ex-Marine, Sean has traded his guns and ammunition for a different kind of weapon… his huge cock! Off camera, Sean doesn’t discriminate when it comes to women. He’ll take them in all shapes and sizes… and oh yes… he has taken them… in all shapes and sizes. But this week, Sean is nimble, stroking that huge cock and playing with his beautiful ass… just for us…

Mark Wolfe

PlayGirl Hunks

A couple of Playgirl hunks. Not sure of their names.. but they have some dick big dicks. For those that don’t know Playgirl was the equal to Playboy. Even though it was supposed to be for straight women.. it’s biggest audience was gay men.

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