Kelly Evans & Sam Porter Show Erections

Kelly Evans & Sam Porter Show Erections
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Kelly Evans Big Dick Man

He has a hot muscle daddy vibe to him, and he was super turned on during the photo session. His cock was leaking pre-cum the entire time. When he peels-off of his clothes, his underwear shows sign of him his cocking dripping pre-cum.

He has been wanting to do porn most of his life, and this solo showed that he was already a pro.

His cock is a bit over 7 inches, and it is a thick and hefty. He gets it hard quickly and I love his slow stroking technique that really shows it off.

Kelly says he prefers to top, which is a shame given how hot his ass is. But his mature vibe will work great as a Top as he will guide the young pups through their paces.

He shoots a giant white and creamy load that he can’t help but taste!

Sam Porter Big Dick Man

With his strong, manly look, shaved head and muscled body, Sam Porter could be Jason Statham‘s double. Except Sam’s dick is probably bigger, as its a massive uncut nine incher and very thick too. Starting with an interview, Sam chats about the type of guy he goes for, and how he keeps in such great shape. He has a deep voice and a very sexy northern accent. He starts the solo standing, rubbing the hefty bulge in his shorts, takes off his top to reveal his tight muscular body and tattoos, and plays with his nipples as he gets a big semi.

Pulling down his shorts, even with just a semi, Sam more than fills his sexy briefs, and rubs and strokes his bulge some more, then pulls out his huge cock. It hangs think and heavy and Sam slides his foreskin back and forth over the end, and his dick gets harder and thicker, till its a full nine inches. Sam jerks off for us, nice and slow, giving us plenty of hot cock close ups and some hands free action too, flexing his biceps. Hot. After more horny jerk off action, Sam moves to the sofa, laying back, and continues playing with his big meat. Gradually he builds himself up, his cock looking bigger and thicker than ever now, and he shoots his load, squirting out a ton of hot jizz over his abs, with plenty more pumping out and dripping down over his fingers and cock. Awesome.

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