Obaid Zion Nicholas Mickael Masturbate

Andre Grey Big Dick Man

This dude loves showing off. Lucky for us Andre has a nice juicy big dick ! Enjoy the show.

Erin Big Dick Man

For his photo shoot Eric brought along his set of dildos. He loves big dick !

Barrett Long Big Dick Man

Classic with Barrett with his angelic face with blue eyes and of course one of the biggest cocks !

Obaid Big Dick Man

This is Obaid first appearance on Maskurbate. He always wanted to try something like this but was afraid to show his face on a major scale porn site. This 6’5 gentle giant contacted us to audition two weeks prior to the shooting. We made sure to quickly schedule him before he changes his mind. His body is everything we are looking for: masculine, muscular, lean, beautiful skin with a nice 8 inches uncut big cock. Like every newcomer he was nervous at first but quickly got in the mood and delivered us a great performance. What’s even more exciting is that Obaid is interested in trying new experiences with other guys. So this is very promising!

Zion Nicholas Big Dick Man

Once the interview is over Dirk tells Zion Nicholas to get undressed and once he does he reveals his sexy big cock. Zion covers his dick in lube and begins to stroke it making every inch grow right before your eyes. He has one big hard cock that would look great going in and out one of our long time vets. Dirk can see that Zion has no problem keeping that cock hard and tells him to get on the bed so we can see his sexy ass.

Zion obeys every command and soon enough has his ass up in the air stroking his cock from behind. He spreads his cheeks so we can see his hairy, tight virgin hole. Zion lies back down and continues stroking his amazing hard dick with his legs spread. His breath and moans have become louder as his big balls are filling up with lots of cum. He continues to slide his hands up and down his cock while he rubs his ripped chest until his cock blasts out all his warm thick cum all over his smooth well built chest.

Active Duty

Mickael Big Dick Man

Sometimes the simplest idea is the most exciting. I always fantasized about entering a sexy friend’s property and watch him take a shower and jerk off. Of course, knowing that he wouldn’t mind when he finds out!


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