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Peter & Timmy & Marco Jerking Off Nude

Dillon Big Dick Man

Wearing a kilt in the Highlands Dillon shows what is underneath. Thankfully he isn’t a fan of underwear and we get a look at the big dick.

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Dillon Big Dick Man

Trent & Adrian Big Dick Men

After Trent and Adrian did some solo performances a duo seemed in order. They really seemed to enjoy being together.

Rich Big Dick Man

Greco-Roman wrestler is from the East Coast. He describes himself as a ‘total nutter’. His bisexual and enjoys showing off his big dick.

Peter Big Dick Man

Mild mannered Peter looks the part of a Librarian. But once those glasses and clothes come off this 26 year old hottie is, well, HOT!


Timmy Big Dick Man

Well, as you might have guessed from the preview pictures it would seem that summer has arrived fairly early here in good old Blighty! To be honest, I’ve been dreaming of some out-door adventures for ages and I think I’ve just about achieved my goal… guys, this summer is going to be seriously hot and I mean that in a very sexual way 😉

OK, back to this particular film. Timmy has made quite a few adult films in the past and was encouraged to apply by some of the other models on the site. He’s very natural and eager to please – and considering he had no “stimulation” whatsoever (and quite a few distractions!) I think he did a really great job of getting off on camera…

After an initial chat the underwear was off and Timmy began working his lovely uncut cock to attention. He’s one of those guys who likes to use plenty of lube for maximum stimulation and man, does it work for him or what! Ducking around to avoid passing onlookers, this guy stayed focused on his cock and it ends with a very creamy orgasm… and then a quick alfresco shower 😉


Marco Big Dick Man

Marco Larger than life. Looking back, it’s been almost 5 years to the day since Marco did his first shoot for the studio. He had just turned 30 and still had a very strong “boyish” look.


Danny James Big Dick Man

Danny asked his best friend Charlie to be the cameraman for his homemade gay porn video. Charlie agreed to do it as long as he got to call the shots. The result is a kick-ass jack off video with more than one hand reaching in from off camera to cop a feel.


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