Ryan Rook & Taylor Briggs Masturbation

Luke Miles Big Dick Man

Huge muscle hunk is pretty well hung. He strips down naked for the camera.

Commando Big Dick Man

8-inches of thick uncut dick owned by Commando.

Alec Big Dick Man

Sexy British hunk Alec shows off his huge cock.

Ryan Rook Big Dick Pornstar

He likes to breathe deeply as he strokes his massively thick dick with both hands. He grunts almost with every stroke of his dick. Ryan has to use two hands to tug away on his thick massive member. His dick sticks straight out as he stands up stroking it making his moans and groans. Ryan’s fit body and easy demeanor make him ripe for a perfect AD encounter. His balls are cupped up as he gazes into the camera’s eye continuously stroking his big thick dick faster and faster.

Ryan’s cute ass tightens up with every stroke of that heavy dick. We can tell he was coming close to bursting so we slid our glass table over to him and Claude dove under it so he could get the best cum shot for all of you. Ryan beats his dick with a few more strokes and blasts out huge thick cum spurts all over the table. Ryan is one sexy looking amateur with a big dick.

Taylor Briggs Big Dick Man

Taylor Briggs is a 29 year old aspiring actor working hard each and every day to make his dreams become reality. He never thought he would be sitting down for an interview here at NDM but life has many paths and we are glad Taylor has visited us. He was in the Army for a few years and met lots of really nice people and traveled the world. Taylor has a gym he frequents that’s right on the beach. He loves to work out and afterwards go relax and catch some sun on the beach. Once the interview was over Taylor began talking dirty and started to release himself while enjoying his moment here at NDM. We hope you like his thick hard cock and very manly hairy chest.

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