Simon & Tigger & Nathan & Dale

Simon Big Dick Man

Playgirl Big Dick Men

Amazing models from Playgirl magazine. Some of the best looking guys with the biggest dicks.

Kobe Big Dick Man

From the Navy Kobe visited the studio for some hand job fun.

Brock Big Dick Man

Another guy looks like he lives next door – Brock is that guy. His nickname is Pitbull so watch out for his bark.

Simon Big Dick Man

Simon The heat is on. Another straight bloke, we’re suckers for them, or we’d like to be, if they’d let us. Simon, loves football, team sports and girls, luckily for us he doesn’t mind showing off for the lads. Showing you, those parts you might glimpse in the showers, uncut cock and smooth, tight arse cheeks. Is there a sweeter sight than a straight bloke spreading his arse cheeks for you to see his hole. He’s never had a gay experiece. You know you’re never gonna get any, not even if he was drunk and horny. He’s never going to give you the nod to meet him, behind the pub at closing time, when he’s had a skinful. He’s never going to glance nervously around as he unbuttons his jeans and puts his sweaty cock in your mouth and he’s never gonna use your mouth to unload a gag inducing load of cum, so don’t think he will


Tigger Big Dick Man

Tigger set up his camera and did a shoot while his buddy watched from off screen. I think his buddy might be into his feet cuz Tigger sure does wiggle his toes a lot – he even cums on his own dirty white socks. So dirty, but so so hot.


Nathan Big Dick Man

Nathan is a rugged and sexy Straight Marine that’s a natural in front of the camera. Wait till you see his perfect happy trail that leads to a nice big treasure. He told a story about this girl that he met at a club in New York recently that took him back to her place and chained him to her bed.


Dale Big Dick Man

Str8 new lad Dale shows off his big tool. Dale is new to modelling more at home on the beach in his boardies so pretty relaxed about showing off his body. He strips down to show his hairy body, one minute looking mad and tough the next that cheeky smile and come to bed look! Dale has a great body really big lats and he wastes no time showing it off.


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