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🍆 Osiris decides to take a shower at the local gym in the locker room. He lathers himself up in soap and slowly plays with his long thick dick. Once he finishes his shower re realizes that he forgot a towel and there are no clean ones around. He gets back in the shower and when he does Zeke the janitor shows up to clean up the locker room. Osiris tries to get his attention but Zeke is wearing headphones. Finally Osiris gets him to turn around and Zeke is in awe staring at Osiris’s big long dick. He can’t keep his eyes off of the juicy meat. Osiris snaps him out of it and gets his towel but Zeke is just mesmerized by the sheer size of it. Osiris isn’t shy at all and tells him he can touch it. Once Zeke touches it he loses all self-control and begins to suck it putting it all the way inside his mouth feeling it grow and becoming harder and harder. Zeke sucks on that juicy cock until Osiris is ready to fuck him deep and hard. Zeke bends that ass over spreads his ass and Osiris goes balls deep. He fucks him bent over the bench than lays him down on it until Zeke can’t take it no more and blasts his load all over himself with Osiris still inside him. Osiris pulls his dick out and shoots a stream of cum so far it nicks Zeke’s face and oozing cum drips all over him.











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Hung Osiris Blade fucks Hans Berlin

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