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Todd Maxwell Big Dick Man
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Todd Maxwell Big Dick Man

Todd Maxwell is the latest addition to Todd’s taken the star turn with Colt, Titan, Hot House and others. While in New York we did a little photo shoot with him at his hotel. Todd fits the young, thirty-something, hairy-chested daddy role perfectly. As part of our ongoing Cum Rag Giveaways, we’re offering up the towel Todd uses to clean the cum and sweat off himself after giving us our money shot.


Rob Timms Big Dick Man

Rob is back for a new shoot and full of energy that he can’t contain, and this time shot in the studio. He strips off a few clothes and before long his hands are in his pants and holding down a stiff cock! This is one of his best shoots where he is relaxed. Enjoying showing off and his cock just seems to ooze loads of precum. He bends over and shows off his str8 hairy ass before a little more play and his cock is shooting cumÖ and it not only goes over him but all over the floor. Wow this was a big gusher of a climax.


Nick Jordan Big Dick Man

Nick Jordan’s the lastest model on YouLoveJack. This straight Russian guy’s a charmer, with his fantastic body, sexy accent and European good looks.
From Russia with love. YouLoveJack’s Nick Jordan is this cute compact guy with an almost perfect rock hard body. His dick is uncut (of course, he’s Russian! . Although, he’s straight, he sure get’s worked up playing with his ass. By the time the cum stops flying the walls need washing off.


Webmaster John Boyd Big Dick Man

John Boyd’s got two fists full of cock and a big straight man bush that you’ll just want to bury your face in. This straight guy’s got no problem shooting a homemade video for a gay audience. In fact it just gets him harder knowing someone else is watching.


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