Tony & Marcelo & Lucky Jerking Off Nude

Denis Big Dick Man

Tony Solo Exclusive Big Dick Man

Tony makes a living as a personal trainer, and when money is tight he makes ends meet by performing at bachelorette parties. He may be a straight guy, but he’s definitely open-minded: Tony jumped at the chance to pick up a few extra pictures by jacking off his big dick for our cameras.


Marcelo Big Dick Man

If there is one word for this model is has to be “perfect”! Marcelo has it all going on…
That body…that face…and a perfect uncut big cock. In the scene Marcelo is looking at the action in the mirror. No, he’s not looking at himself, but totally getting in to watching himself get photographed. The cameraman is even checking out the action. They I think they both thought it was a hot scene.


Lucky Big Dick Man

The first thing you notice about Lucky is his adorable face and infectious smile. He loves sports and masturbation, which you can tell by his well worked out body and equally exercised big cock.


Denis Big Dick Man

Denis, is originally from the City of San Diego, is anything but a couch potato. No wonder that he always wanted to move to LA – the city of unlimited opportunities. Here he can go out every night, have a lot of fun and meet lots of sweet guys. Good looking beefy men, who know how to fuck, have the best chances to get him laid.


Kay Big Dick Man

This dude surely is not every ones piece of cake and not for the faint of heart – Kay is a real nasty 22 year old who has an urge to take big things up his butchy ass. For now, we hand him over a large Dildo to let him proof his masturbation abilities.


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