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Marco Big Dick Man

More of Marco cause his big dick is so juicy.

Chris Big Dick Man

Frat hunk is a sexy model with a big dick.

Payne Big Dick Man

Frat hunk Payne jerks off his big dick

Marlon Big Dick Man

First up is Marlon. The photographer received lots of requests to see more of Marlon. They decided to do this video where he jerked off his big dick.

Roman Big Dick Man

Secondly is this model from Indiana. Roman flew to San Diego just to do this photo shoot. He hadn’t even been to an airport before this. The photographer had to work with him to get these shots just right. After some nervousness he turned out to really enjoy the process. He has a nice big dick that needed to be seen !

Well Hung Hot Italian-Greek

Well Hung Hot Italian-Greek stud Argos Santini pays a visit to producer Anthony who really likes to see big dicks. We find out that Argos is a very horny young man and eager to show off his tight, beautiful body and his really thick cock. He stands up and pulls of his t-shirt. His arms and chest are perfectly sculpted with just the right amount of chest hair.

Argos pulls down his jeans and Anthony notices that Argos is already sporting full wood in his underwear. Argos pulls down the underwear, grabs his rock-hard cock and begins stroking long and slow. His balls are tight and firm as he cups them with his hand. Precum begins oozing out of his piss slit and Argos uses it to further lube his cock. He turns around and bends over the sofa. Anthony zooms in on Argos’ tight furry ass just as Argos reaches back and shoves his finger up his hole. Anthony tells Argos there’s a little surprise behind one of the pillows.

Finally, Argos pulls out a bottle of lube and he spies a masturbatory sleeve. He quickly lubes up his cock and begins using the jacking sleeve on his dick. It’s not long before we hear Argos say that he can’t hold back any longer. Taking his long, hard cock in hand Argos continues jacking and as his whole body tightens and his breathing deepens, Argos squirts a thick, messy load of cum all over himself.

Johnathan Big Dick Man

Good Lord, do good things come in small packages or what? We found this incredible hunk in Brazil, surfing the warm waters and working on his tan (though the dude is already golden brown by birth, so what work is needed we can’t spot). Johnathan proved himself to be warm, friendly, and up for a photo shoot BIG TIME – turns out the boy spends so much time at the beach, he’s gotten used to wearing as little clothing as necessary. Just our kind of man.


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