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Young black man whips large fat thick dick

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Proud Cock Man Showing off Assets

Meet Tony Bucks; meet Tony’s meat. This 22 year old boy is pretty typical, except for his “third leg.” As I talk to him, he says he’s bi and is versatile; “not many guys can take it.” Tony comments that, “most people look at it, and say OMG that’s huge.” With a mix of Puerto Rican, white and black making up his heritage, Tony is definitely a “nice package.” Already sporting a bulge, he says he gets hard pretty easy which can be a problem in public, “I try to put it up, but it sticks out of my pants and over my bellybutton.” Tony has a lot to offer our SDBoy.com members; looks like I’m going to have to do a thorough film on this one; the hard work I do for you guys. As he “unleashes” his cock, all I say is ‘damn,’ and I film guys for a living, but none as impressive in size as he.

I’d say it’s a 9, a thick 9. Getting up on his knees, tony shows us a great bubble butt as well; man this kid is a whole lot of fun. As we chat, and he strokes, I have to reach in and get a feel, ‘damn.’ Tony notices a spot of precum on my shorts and unzips to investigate; “can I suck it?” Tony asks. This guy is not only packing, he’s great at sucking too. As he inspects me, orally, I continue to film and enjoy his efforts; he begins to finger his hole. I ask what he might be thinking; Tony just goes back down on me. He then looks up and asks, “do you wanna fuck my ass?”


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