Zac & Lloyd Jerking Off Nude

Zac & Lloyd Jerking Off Nude

Lloyd Big Dick Man

Lloyd was a little nervous about doing his video, though his first confession is about how he has wanted to do a porn shoot for years! His heartbeat is pumping fast as he strips down to his red pants, they are very constricting so off they come and with his heart beating so fast his cock soon fills up with blood! Parts of the video Lloyd is performing by himself and enjoying looking into the video screen watching himself wank! He has a nicely muscled body which spasms as he shoots a real big load on his abs, chest and all over the bed! Not shy then!


Zac Big Dick Man

Man oh Man, honestly, what can I say? When Zac’s application (and those private pictures) arrived on my PC I just had to take a cold shower! I mean, he is just such a hot specimen of manhood that I got all hot and flustered under the, ummmm, collar? Do you buy that? OK, you got me, maybe my raging flush was just a little bit lower down 😉
So let’s just pretend we’re not all just a little bit “sticky” from his preview pictures for a moment. Let’s focus on the man’s personality, eh? ( I know, you hate it when I get serious…) Anyway, he is just a total dream guy – polite, humorous, courteous, generous… man, even my mother would love to have this one as her son-in law! 

But let’s ignore my mother right now… I know where I’d like this fucking fit fella to be… cuddled up next to me in bed, that’s where! No doubt you want to know about his endless work-out sessions in the gym, the way he moans and groans for the camera, pants like a man intent on getting off, licks himself, jerks away at his lovely uncut cock, spunks like a real man… I sure hope you’ve got a membership right now 😉


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